Appointments are to be booked by TEXT: 778-776-4119 or EMAIL:
Appointments are to be booked by TEXT: 778-776-4119 or EMAIL:
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Instructions & Aftercare

What are my pre-procedure instructions?

We require our clients to avoid caffeine, alcohol, Tylenol, Advil, Motrin, vitamin E and omega supplements 24 HOURS PRIOR to your appointment. 

To prevent poor ink retention, excessive bleeding and pain we strongly advise our clients to follow the instructions. If you're unable to do so on the day of your procedure, your appointment will be rescheduled.


What is the aftercare?

To prolong the appearance as much as possible aftercare is extremely recommended!

Please follow aftercare instructions morning and night till your brows are healed and sealed:

1. Always thoroughly wash your hands with non-scented antibacterial soap. You don't want bacteria to come in contact with your brows!

2. Clean the area gently with antibacterial soap. Be sure to get in between the hairs as well and allow the scabs to fall off once they have healed (do not pick, pull or scratch). If you wish to use cleanser this is okay too but must contain minimal alcohol (Dial, Cetaphil and Keihls cleanser is great).

3. Lightly pat the area dry with a clean paper towel or q-tip. Please try to avoid getting the area wet for long and if this does happen pat dry as soon as possible. 

After 7 days you can return back to regular skin care and make up routine. It is recommended to avoid sun exposure for 4 weeks after your procedure.

Your eyebrows will appear bolder after application and will fade between 20-40 percent within the first week. This is why aftercare is so important, better care means a better result! 

What to expect?

You will experience a few minor side effects such as peeling, flaking, redness and itching. This is apart of the healing process so not to worry! 

When do I book my touch up?

Touch ups are strongly advised to book in 4-6 week as the pigment may not hold in some areas. This is where we perfect the final touches to have your brows looking amazing! It is also recommended to come for an annual touch up in 12-15 months time.